58 old men from Russia won a big prize - € 80 000 amount of money

The teacher who is working in a usual school in the Yekaterinburg already for 29 years couldn't believe in his luck - he won in a syndicate € 80 000. That day he decided to take part in our syndicate "Method of Analytics", although he usually buys personal lottery tickets. Thanks to that syndicate he won a great prize. Our winner isn't searching for the fame and decided to stay incognito. Anyway, he with the joy wanted to share with us his inspirations and suggestions about his winning.

- Hello! First of all, congratulations with your winning!

- Hello! Oh, thank you so much! I still can't believe that it happened to me.

-Tell us how long you have been playing in the lotteries?

- Honestly, a pretty long time. Lotteries are my and my wife general hobby. But usually I buy tickets and she is rooting for me (laughs). On lotslotto I started to play about only two month ago. At the beginning I played in the personal lotteries, but one day unexpected for myself I decided to try to take part in the syndicate.

- What affected on you and changed your opinion about syndicates, stimulated to play them?

-I don't know...maybe it happened thanks to your specialist from the site. Very high-qualified person in his field, and even chat with him was pleasant. One day we had a long conversation and he suggested me to try this syndicate. At the beginning I thought - to give for the syndicate €282...too expensive. But after a while I've made a decision to try. It had to be my birthday at that week. And wife didn't mind. So we took our money that we had and bought this syndicate. But as you can see I'm not disappointed! (laugh)

- Our congratulations with the past event! I think that the prize was the best present for you.

- In no doubt! I never had such a valuable present. And to say honest, I had never even touched such a huge amount of money! With my profession I don't get a lot.

- Do you think to continue to work at school?

- Sure! School is everything for me! I love all my students! By the way I'm teaching already for 29 years and hope to continue.

-But what do you think to do with the prize?

-I with my wife for a long time were dreaming to travel. To go somewhere. We're not getting younger, you know. Now we are thinking about travelling somewhere to the East. Maybe to Japan. My wife is just crazy about this country! Also, it could be nice to repair our house and to help our children. We have a lot of plans for that.

- Than we can wish you good luck!

- Thank you very much! But don't think that our teamwork is over! We will continue to play lotteries on your site! Who knows, maybe the fortune will be on our side once again! (laugh). So, we don't say goodbye!