The man worked as a truck driver for 22 years and he bought his lucky lottery ticket.

The 53 old truck driver won € 129,000 in the popular syndicate for the new players which costs only €97.

The lucky winner transferred his € 129,000 prize to his bank account and answered some questions specially to LotsLotto.

— Steven, for how long time do you already play in the lottery games?

— Until the recent time I didn't played in the lotteries at all and thought that it's impossible to win here. The chances of winning a grand prize are so small. Let the other people do their best in that.

— But how than you became a winner of the big prize - € 129,000?

— It happened accidently. Someone left my number on your site by the mistake, because when the member from your company asked for someone named Constantine I said that there's no Constantine here. I already wanted to end the conversation, but I had a good mood and that's why we had a long chat with one of your LotsLotto member.

— About what you were talking and why do you change your opinion about lotteries? Don't you thought that there are such a small chances to win?

— I already said that I had a good mood. And I heard a nice women voice on the phone. Why not to chat? I'm a single men (laughs). And that's how we made a pretty long conversation. Your member told me all about syndicates. I listened in all ears about all that she was saying and I felt interested. The strategy which groups people together and makes your chances higher to win the huge prizes sounded like something very exciting. That's why I agreed to try and payed for this syndicate €97.

— Were you surprised when you find out about the winning?

— To be honest I thought that it was the 1-st of April (laughs)! But if seriously I was very surprised! Not every day I win something so valuable! I think that the special strategy of the syndicate helped me to win. And I want to try to do my best in the syndicate once more!

— You already thought about how to spend your prize?

— Yes, I thought about that already long time ago - I will buy one more trucks "head" and rend it out. In my age it's time for own business. I want to open my own truck park and to organize all carriages by myself. After all, I'm in this thing already 22 years.

— So, good luck then in your beginnings!

— Thank you very much! I got so much pleasure to work with you. I will recommend all my friends to play on LotsLotto!