Brothers from Lithuania have won 39,000 euros in the syndicate “Paradise Journey”

Today’s winners of the lottery and owners of the win of 39,000 euros are brothers from Lithuania Andrius and Jurgis who are native Lithuanian farmers, they cultivate grain crops: wheat, rye and barley. Now their wor will become easier doe to the big lottery win.

Andrius and Jurgis, congratulations! You have become 39,000 euros richer – it is a big amount of money.

Andrius: when I started taking parts in the lotteries, I dreamed of a car. But then I decided that it would be better to inves money in my business with my brother.

Jurgis, where have you agreed to invest your win, if it’s not a secret?

Jurgis: first of all, it is a very important amount of money. Me and my brother Andrius took over our grandfather’s business – agriculture. But we have to rent all new equipment and it is not comfortable and not advantageous. Business becomes not that profitable than it can be.

Will the win help you to buy new equipment?

Andrius: of course! We have made a decision to spend our win on buying two tractors and redecorating our house.

Have you ever taken part in the lotteries before?

Andrius: yes, we took part in Lithuanian lotteries and we started playing international lottery syndicates nearly two months ago. Whenever we played, we lost. But this couldn’t continue forever. So we have won.

Jurgis: I agree with my brother. Because the lottery – is the lottery. Once you can win and once – not. The main point is to play regularly. That is the formula of success.

What is the name of the syndicate you have taken part in?

Jurgis: the “Heavenly traveling” syndicate.

Why have you chosen this particular syndicate for the game?

Andrius: I just liked the name of this syndicate.

Jurgis: I insisted on this syndicate because 100% insurance against losses was attached to it. If we had won nothing, our money would have been returned to our account. And this is a very interesting offer.

Thank you for this interview! I wish you good luck and success in your business!